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  Document Libraries

Information Documentation Information Documentation  Share a document with the team by adding it to this document library.  0 10 years ago
Knowledge Base Knowledge Base  Use this list to write and store Knowledge Base Articles and Documents to be shared with your team  5 6 weeks ago
KnowledgeBase KnowledgeBase    2 3 years ago
QuickReferenceCards QuickReferenceCards    46 8 years ago
Scripts Scripts    17 8 years ago
Site Assets Site Assets  Use this library to store files which are included on pages within this site, such as images on Wiki pages.  29 3 years ago
Site Pages Site Pages  Use this library to create and store pages on this site.  63 8 years ago
Style Library Style Library  Use the style library to store style sheets, such as CSS or XSL files. The style sheets in this gallery can be used by this site or any of its subsites.  83 4 years ago
Tutorials Tutorials    105 6 weeks ago
Vacation Policies Vacation Policies  Share a document with the team by adding it to this document library.  0 10 years ago

  Picture Libraries

BrandingLibrary BrandingLibrary    3 6 weeks ago
SiteImages SiteImages    47 6 weeks ago
Slider Slider    9 6 weeks ago


Absence Type Absence Type  Use the Absence Type list to specify the types of absences recognized by the team.  4 10 years ago
Absences Absences  Use the Absences list to enter dates that you will be out of office.  0 6 weeks ago
Announcements Announcements  Use this list to track upcoming events, status updates or other team news.  2 8 years ago
Assets Assets  Create an assets list to manage and track your team's physical assets  0 5 weeks ago
Attendees Attendees  Use the Attendees list to track event attendees.    0 6 weeks ago
Categories Categories  A list of categories for use with your team's list of physical assets  3 10 years ago
CustomCodeTricks CustomCodeTricks    2 6 weeks ago
Designer Resources Designer Resources    13 6 weeks ago
Event Schedule Event Schedule  Use the Event Schedule list to track planning meetings and event sessions.    0 6 weeks ago
FAQs FAQs    25 8 years ago
Keywords Keywords  Use this list to manage the keywords that to tag items in your Knowledge Base  0 8 years ago
My Tasks My Tasks  Use the Tasks list to keep track of work that you or your team needs to complete.  0 10 years ago
Other Great SharePoint Resources Other Great SharePoint Resources    7 9 years ago
Personal Schedule Personal Schedule    1 10 years ago
Proposals Proposals  Create a proposals list to manage and track your team's proposals for new physical assets  0 6 weeks ago
QuickLinks QuickLinks    1 3 years ago
Responsibility Adoption Responsibility Adoption  Use the Responsibility Adoption list to track responsibility coverage for people who are out of office.  0 10 years ago
Roles Roles    12 10 years ago
Template Samples Template Samples    3 10 years ago
Tips Tips    42 6 weeks ago
TodaysQuote TodaysQuote    365 6 weeks ago

  Discussion Boards

There are no discussion boards.


There are no surveys.

  Sites and Workspaces

SharePoint Site Bennett Lil' Tigers  5 weeks ago
SharePoint Site BlankSite  9 years ago
SharePoint Site Home2  5 weeks ago
SharePoint Site KnowledgeBase  4 weeks ago
SharePoint Site MST  MainSiteTesting 5 weeks ago
SharePoint Site Netdancer - Dreams becoming reality  Netdancer's Blog where I discuss dreams, life, love, sex, re-invention of self, discovery, chronic and invisible illness. 5 weeks ago
SharePoint Site Test  5 weeks ago
SharePoint Site Test3  5 weeks ago
Single Meeting Workspace TestEvent  5 weeks ago

  Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Recycle Bin  Use this page to restore items that you have deleted from this site, or to empty deleted items. 0