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July 25
Selfies: Self-admiration or Self-affirmation?

You know, I hated having my photos taken, actually hid behind others when pictures were in order or always volunteer to be the person behind the camera not in front of it.  I thought I took terrible pictures of myself.  I don't know whether age has mellowed me or made me more wise.  But selfies have definitely given me a better insight to myself.   With the advent of selfies, I have learned to take a better picture of myself, and in turn have learn to have better pictures taken of me.  This is my story.


20160721_183415.jpgBecause I also avoided mirrors as well as cameras, and I wasn't all that healthy, I really didn't have that healthy of self-esteem.  About 3 years ago I discovered I had an auto immune disease that was playing major havoc with my system.  I decided to do something about it and also decided to somehow document the progress it was taking on my body, when I discovered I was losing weight while I was getting healthy.  I started taking selfies every month.  I took a LOT of selfies, a LOT of bad ones, and  LOT got deleted.  I didn't know what the heck I was doing.  Do you know how hard it is to take a full body selfie???

As the months went by, and the weight dropped, my selfies showed the progress in my face, the weight loss, but something else happened.  Those smiles became bigger, brighter, my eyes became happier.  My whole demeanor became more self-assured.   Seeing myself in a different light my self confidence grew.  My attitude improved towards friends,  I became a happier and a more peaceful person.  I still take selfies at least monthly.  I'm getting older. I want to grow old gracefully. I want to see this happen and record it.  This keeps me on track, I don't let myself slide into complacency anymore.


 I've heard selfies are egotistical, and maybe to some it is, to me it's my mirror, it's my way of telling myself to stay the course, that I am worth the effort to do the things I do, to try to do what I want to do in the future, to aspire to become a better person for the world and those I love.


If you have never taken a selfie, try it.  You may not like the first one, or even the next. Keep trying, try filters,  that soften one is a blessing.  I don't use them now, but in the beginning, they were AWESOME!  I have used all kinds of filters they are fun.  The best thing is they are digital.. you can take as many as you want and delete as many as you want.  Go ahead.  You won't regret it and your soul may just thank you.




Thought I might add a couple of those "selfies" I took along the way, that helped me gain my self confidence.  Trust me if you do the same for yourself.  You will gain the same insight as I did.  Happy "selfie" taking.




April 2016- Garden of Versailles, Paris





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