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July 24
Netdancer's Resurrection

Netdancer has been quiet, she has been contemplating the future of her site, she has contemplated her own future.  She has lost her passion for freelance web design and she thrives on passion.  If you can't have passion in your work, you need to move on, you need to find something that incites that passion.  You need passion to have a fulfilling life to have your soul have purpose.


My purpose found it's passion in 1997 when the internet was in it's infancy,  I saw that this technology was something that people would use, actually perhaps need in their lives to be productive more efficiently.  I wanted to make it happen, I  wanted to see how I could do that, I wanted to grow with it. And look how it has grown!  Look how I have grown!  Now I am a SharePoint administrator and expert that helps and trains over 10,000 people, I am a professional graphic designer for a Fortune 500 company.  I am extremely happy how my life has grown in this technology.  But it's time to move on to new frontiers as one of my favorite tv shows would say.


I have other passions, one is writing, I've always written, mostly in my own journals, or technical writing for MSDNs or safety manuals, but writing nonetheless.  I've never written blogs because I didn't think I had anything to tell anyone.  I do. I have lived an extraordinary life.  I've read self-help book on how to do this, and how to do other extraordinary things with your life, and I thought to myself.  I have done this.  I may not be a millionaire, but I have had an extraordinary life, and amazing life and If anyone can benefit from it, I hope they do.


Most books I've read are written by much younger authors than me, and directed to much younger audiences than me, so granted, the earlier you can start that journey the better. However, for those my age, in their late 60's almost 70; the journey is only beginning for you too.  We have the wisdom we never had before, we have the spirituality that only time gives us.  We have so much to offer and so much to do.


So… this site now is going to evolve, to change, to metamorphose into something, I am working on that.  I have ideas, I'm working on, I hope you join me on this adventure.  I will probably talk about everything under the sun while my mind is sorting things out.  Are you interested is coming along for the ride?  Maybe my journey will inspire you to re-invent yourself too.



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