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Who uses Sharepoint and why?


Microsoft SharePoint enables organizations of virtually any size
From a family of four sharing photos to a corporation of 10,000 sharing data -- to complete mission-critical tasks in a cutting-edge, collaborative workplace environment that is both flexible and secure.
SharePoint Foundation 2010 is the answer for collaboration within your business, your home, or a community group. It’s user-friendly and great for sharing anything: file storage, contacts, calendars, a wiki, an intranet site, photo albums, schedules, sales leads anything.
Clearly, while some SharePoint customers represent smaller organizations, deployments are also popular among mid-sized organizations, large departments and even large enterprises, which typically use SharePoint Server 2010. According to a 2009 survey by the consultancy InfoTrends, almost half of mid- to large-sized enterprises use SharePoint rates that beat all of the other document and content platforms such as EMC, IBM, Open Text, Oracle, Hyland and others.
Of these SharePoint customers, the largest companies create more than 100 SharePoint sites every month and already have more than 200 sites to manage on average (about a quarter of which are inactive or not in regular use). Although SharePoint use varies considerably across and within company size segments, nearly all organizations that have deployed it rely on it primarily for basic collaboration and document management. Other key uses include "team" site creation, network file storage and basic workflows (i.e., review and approvals).




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